fccj spring 2007 accepted nursing students

  1. This is for all the students who have been accepted into the FCCJ nursing program for the spring of 2007. I just wanted to try and get to know some of the students before the semester started, and possibly get any information from anybody who knows about the scheduling.
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  3. by   MikeinFl
    Congratulations on getting in. I have also been accepted for the spring program. I will be in the nights and weekends group. Which program are you going into?
  4. by   mixyRN
    Congrats to both of you! I earned my AA at FCCJ and now live in NY State. I will be starting an ASN program in Jan 2007 also.
    Good Luck to both of you.
  5. by   RJDJ14
    I just got into the night class. I'm not sure about the schedules either. I'm sure we will find out on the 5th During the indoc. See you there.
  6. by   alilar
    Congratulations to all of you!!! I am almost done with my first semester in the nursing program at FCCJ (thank goodness) Best of luck to all of you it is an experience.
  7. by   MikeinFl

    The schedule is Tusday & Thursday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. I have heard tests will be on Monday nights. Classes are going to be at the Deerwood campus.
  8. by   xtclass08
    Ok so what if you can't do the schedule they give you and you want to switch to the other schedule? Do you think that they might possibly let you do that?like I heard the day time schedule was mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri and I am having a hard time trying to work out my schedule for Fri. However the night time schedule is perfect for me. I mean if I have to ill make it work I was just hoping that they might take some mercy on me.
  9. by   MikeinFl
    From what I understand both the day and night programs are full and switching is next to impossible.
  10. by   xtclass08
    Dang... oh well, I guess I will just have to make it work.
  11. by   alilar
    You get your schedules on orientation day. There will be 12 blocks with a set of classes in each block. The fun part is you choose your classes via a lottery system. If you get number 1 you get first choice and so on. Tests are on Mondays from 3-5:30. Here was my first term schedule if it helps:
    Mon- tests 3-4 if one test and 3-5:30 if two tests
    Tues- Pharm 9-12
    Wed- concepts 9-12 and Health Assess 1-4 (then once clinicals started head to hospital to get patient info to write careplan)
    Thurs-Techniques 7-2:30 (clinicals 6:45-3:00)
    Friday- off

    The best advice is try not to have a late class the day before clinicals and it is very nice to have no classes on test day!!

    Best of luck to all of you and from what I understand if you can make it through first term you should be good!!! :smilecoffeecup:
  12. by   RJDJ14
    Does everyone have what they need for tomorrow? It looks like it's going to be a long day.

    See ya there
  13. by   autopsy
    I think I've got everything together, even though it is important information,I still have to prepare myself for a LONG day. Im not even sure what time we get out, but I heard in the evening, so im guessing 6ish? anyways I hope it goes by fairly quick.
  14. by   MikeinFl
    The schedule shows 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I hope we are done by then. I have class at 6 p.m. at Baptist. It does look like it will be a very long and mostly unexciting day.