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This is for all the students who have been accepted into the FCCJ nursing program for the spring of 2007. I just wanted to try and get to know some of the students before the semester started, and... Read More

  1. by   RJDJ14
    Just recieved the same letter. I have already spent over a twelve hundred dollars getting ready for class. I'm calling tomorrow to see what's going on. I might even ask about the day class. I'll let you know what I find out.
  2. by   xtclass08
    yeah same here. I called today but no one who could inform me about anything was availabe. Dr. Simmons said she didn't know anything, Dr. Sneid was in a meeting, and Dr. Darby is on vacation, figures.
  3. by   MikeinFl
    I tried to get Alice Neid on the phone but was told she is not in yet. No one in the nursing department seems to know anything or at least will not provide any information. I have contacted an attorney to see what options we may have. In my opinion, they should put everyone back into ranked order and drop the lowest 24 allowing the nights/weekends people the option to move to a day program. I will post any information I get from the attorney here so keep checking. If anyone gets any information, please keep everyone updated. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that we can still start in February. There is a phone number listed for the Florida Board of Nursing. It might be worth a phone call to them as well.
  4. by   np_wannabe
    Go get 'em, ya'll!! I am in complete SHOCK that they have done this--how can they allow 24 people to apply, admit them into the program, and then have them make life decisions based on an invalid acceptance letter???

    Like I tell my kids, UNACCEPTABLE!!!
  5. by   MikeinFl
    I just spoke with Alice Neid and she felt very confident that the Board would approve the nights / weekends program. At that point we would have to make up what we missed to catch up to the day program. Per Alice, the faculty is on board with making that happen. It may be in the classroom or possibly via blackboard. Worst case scenario is we start in May and the 24 already accepted into the program gets those 24 slots without jumping through all of the hoops again. Not the greatest news but at least its news.
  6. by   xtclass08
    i am not trying to sit out another semester i already sat out last semester because i had not finished anatomy and physiology the previous semester. I really hope we start in february. Neways thanks mike for the update.
  7. by   fccjdon
    I was informed this am that a number of you were on this site, discussing the delay in beginning your nursing studies. There is nothing I can say that will make you happy about this but let me try to explain so you can better understand the circumstances. Let me first apologize to each of you-I do understand how difficult this is for all of you, I know you have been working toward this for a long time and this really inconveniences each of you.

    The process for increasing enrollments in a Florida nursing school includes a written request to the Florida Board of Nursing. FCCJ did this but the Board of Nursing is requiring that we appear before them before they will grant this permission and the Board does not meet again until February. This is why you cannot begin your studies until at least February 12. While I do not know for sure that you will be able to begin the next week, I am hopeful. The reason I am hopeful is because the FCCJ nursing program enjoys a good reputation throughout the state of Florida and our NCLEX pass rate was over 90% for the last 3 months-one of the highest around.

    I have spoken with half of your classmates today and hopefully answered all their questions and I am very willing to speak with the rest of you if you would like to contact me.

    Some questions we had not anticipated are answered below:

    1.What happens if FCCJ is not given permission to add 24 more students, are we out of luck and/or do we need to re-apply?
    You will not need to re-apply, the following is what we will do. We admit 96 students every May and if the Board of Nursing decides we cannot increase our enrollment by 24, we will admit 72 day students for the May class and you and your classmates will be admitted as an evening/weekend cohort in May which would delay your graduation one term, until Aug 2008.

    2.Do I need to pay my tuition by 12/21 to save my spot? That is up to you, you may pay your tuition or you can hold onto it until this situation is resolved and pay it then. Your seat in the program is saved, regardless.

    3.Do I need to attend the math session that is scheduled for Jan 8? No, because technically you will not be starting the program until February, this session will be re-scheduled.

    4.What about my grant, scholarship, how will it be impacted? I spoke with the Student Success Dean, BJ Hausman and she assured me that your Pell grant will be safe. Scholarships and other monies will require investigation, I can't make a blanket statement-you will need to inquire on an individual basis. If you have a student loan, you may need to re-apply, check with your bank on that.

    Please be assured that we will do all we can to assist you. I have spoken with all of your instructors and they stand ready to work with you to help you meet your goals. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

    Alice Nied
    Director, FCCJ
    Associate Degree Nursing Program
  8. by   MikeinFl
    Thank you very much for the update. I will look forward to hearing from FCCJ on the 9th informing us classes will start on the 12th of February.
  9. by   fccjdon
    Let's all keep a good thought that the Board will approve and you can move forward in pursuit of your nursing goals.
  10. by   fccjdon
    Dec 22
    I continue to hear from your classmates who have questions/concerns. I believe that when one person has a question, it is likely that another student has the same question. So, here are some questions I have been asked in the last two days since my original posting.

    -The bookstore says I must return books by 1/22 in order to receive full cost for them. If the program will not start until 2/12 and may not start then, will I be stuck with all these books and out of my money?
    No, the Bookstore policy is that you have the first seven days after the term begins to return unused books with your receipt. Since your classes will hopefully start 2/12, you would have until 2/19 to return them.

    -Will I lose my Pell grant if I don't use it until May?
    No, Pell grants can be used in the summer term which begins in May.

    We have a meeting set up with you for January 9th at 5pm. Some students are expecting news about the class's start date. Please remember that we do not appear before the Board until February so it is unlikely that we will know more then than we do now. So, if we have answered your questions, you are not required to attend. Dr. Henning has set up this meeting and did not tell me where it will be located but we will post signs so you will know.

    Take care and see you soon,
    Alice Nied
  11. by   MikeinFl
    Merry Christmas everyone!
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  12. by   xtclass08
    ok so basically fccj was not suppose to add on an extra 24 students? Lets hope that governor Bush can help us out in this matter. Because I really do not want to have to start in february and stress ourselves out by doing 16 weeks of work in 10 weeks. It is very unfair.
  13. by   np_wannabe

    incredible job with this! FCCJ should waive your tuition for this!! It sounds like it's all going to work out, thanks to your letter.