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This is for all the students who have been accepted into the FCCJ nursing program for the spring of 2007. I just wanted to try and get to know some of the students before the semester started, and... Read More

  1. by   xtclass08
    did anybody recieve ms. emily's email today? I have not gotten all my books yet. Just the medical terminology and the calculations. Guess I better get to it.
  2. by   MikeinFl
    I did receive her e-mail today. If anyone did not get it, I would be happy to copy it here. You should also let her know if you missed it so you get on her e-mail list.
  3. by   twoanddone
    Good luck to you first termers!!! I'm just finishing first term at FCCJ. It's tough and sometimes can be discouraging Some helpful hints from me:

    Pharm was my hardest subject. Burns is a good teacher to sit in on if you can as she writes the tests .......

    Get your lab hours in and don't wait until the last week.

    Don't buy the stupid nurse notes thingys

    Anyways enjoy the holidays!
  4. by   autopsy
    I didnt realize she wrote the pharm tests, any how i have smith (carswell) for pharm, but I remember them specifically saying at orientation that we are not allowed to attend other classes we aren't assigned for. hopefully they dont actually enforce it, especially if there becomes an occasion where i must miss my assigned time.
  5. by   twoanddone
    Never had problems with that rule. . . Never remember hearing it. My teachers encouraged it. Always find out WHO writes what tests. Watts does the Concepts so we usually had extra people in our concepts class. Burns wrote pharm so we had extra in our pharm. No big deal to the teachers. Before finals the Pharm class was PACKED.
  6. by   autopsy
    wow than it must be okay, perhaps i misunderstood something. Now do most people usually attend both their normal lecture time and also the test writers? also i realize it might change from one semester to the next but do you know who creates the other tests? and also do the teachers actually announce themselves "by the way i make the tests" or is it just something you figure out, just curious. thanks for the heads up though
  7. by   MikeinFl
    Has anyone actually found a benefit to attending lectures by the teacher that writes the test? Since everyone is supposed to teach the same topic the test content should be covered regardless of which instructor is lecturing. I say this because the same theory was always talked about when I did both my under grad and graduate degrees and I (along with other students) never found that practice to be of any benefit. If you study the material, take notes, pay attention and ask questions for clarification in your class, attending another lectures was not necessary.
  8. by   xtclass08
    hey i dont even see burns as one of the listed teachers for pharmacology this semester...are you sure he's teaching this semester?
  9. by   autopsy
    Burns is not teaching this semester, a shame too because she was teaching this fall semester, and one of my friends highly recommended her, but unfortunately she wasnt a choice.
  10. by   xtclass08
    that sux... so i wonder who is making the tests now
  11. by   RJDJ14
    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas before the fun really starts!!
  12. by   xtclass08
    ok so i just received a letter from fccj that states that the nights and weekends wont be able to start the rn prgram until February 12! And that is pending the Board of Nursing's approval! Does anybody know what happened? I was suppose to be a day student bt i switched, and now (just my luck) they're saying this program may not be approved.
  13. by   autopsy
    I dont know it wouldnt be approved. It is the same program as a day with the same accredidation, facilities, and some of the same teachers. It probably has more to do with available teachers or staff or something, hopefully it will all work out for you.