1. Brian,
    How about a new forum. FAQ. As I am sure you are aware it gets tiresome to answer the same stuff over and over when someone new comes to the board. Though we do want to help.

    Maybe we could answer reacurring questions here. Then we could refer folks to this forum when one of these questions comes up?

    For example, just today I addressed questions about Rue on two different formums. I am always happy to help out with info about Excelsior College but it is getting real OLD.

    There are other questions on other subjects that always seem to resurface. I hear the same tone from the weary responder.

    Then there is the problem of the new person not knowing how to research the thread that they have been refered to and is no longer on top and immediately visible. That might be the first thing we post at the top of this new forum and keep it at the top.

    If we file these things under FAQ then we do not have to remember where or the name of the thread that we previously posted the answer .

    What do you think?
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  3. by   nell
    Good idea Agnus. All of the "What's it like to be a nurse?" and "What do I need to do to become a nurse?" Threads can go in the FAQs.
    So then, we could kind of just nominate certain threads to be moved to the FAQ section?

    Good idea! But then again, there is an FAQ section about technical site info, how to post pics, etc. And look how often we still end up answering these questions.

    No biggie. I figure we all take turns and no single person gets burned out answering all the time.

  5. by   Agnus
    You wanna take my turn?
    Seriously though, I'll answer two people today then in a week or so more will show up with essentially the same question. I am not sure these should be discussion threads that should be allowed to meander all over like theads do.
    Just something that answers basic questions like How do I get a degree without attending classes? Then we could tell them about Excelsior , Rue and some one else, who [B] knows[B/] can tell them about Phenoix, and other schools.
    Discussions and debates about this could be taken to another forum. Just basic info where we can refer them.
    I am just using at home degree programs as an example of one type of issue.
    I love helping the new nurse or the one who wants to get her RN or what ever. I feel these questions deserve answers and I believe many of them are not original. Those of us who have been there have heard it before.
    Not every question fits this category. Some are and should be debated, discussed, disected, moaned about, specualted about. Some are only asking for opinions these do not belong the the forum that I propose.
    Maybe FAQ is not a good name for it. I was just using that as a working title until someone came up with something better. I am thinking a info forum that provides strictly factual information for members.

    I'd limit my response about Excelsior to contact info. basic info on how program works, clarification about Rue chancellor and such as many people do not know that these are publishers and do not grant degrees. And tell the to get the NURSING catalog as so often folks contact Excelsior and still are lost, as they did not know to ask for the catalog which would clear up that confusion for them. Most of the questions they ask; the catalog answers. They just don't know what to ask for to get the info. even after going to the web site or contacting them. They'll contact them ask something or look around the site and just end up more confused.

    Basic stuff. Like "go to CDC" and "email then if you can't find the ans. on thier site. They answer very quickly" etc.
    When some one has a question about say HepB immunity or some such.
    Some things should be answered with curent facts. Sometimes that means a referal to the source. Trouble is we don't always know what the source is.
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  6. by   sjoe
    We could call it "Wisdom Archives."
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by sjoe
    We could call it "Wisdom Archives."
    ooo, i like that!!
  8. by   Agnus
    Well, Brian are you out there? How do we do this and stay within these parameters? And can we do it?