Failing the NCLEX- please help

  1. Hi. I just became a registered nurse 2 days ago. My sister and I both got our BSN's at the same college and she graduated in May 2004, myself in May 2005. We both had trouble with the NCLEX. I failed my first time and it took me a year to re-take the exam. I studied very hard with my sister, who took the NCLEX exam for the 4th time with me just this last Monday. I passed and she didn't. I feel awful. She doesn't think anyone has failed the test 4 times and doesn't think she'll ever pass the test. She has put in countless hours, and let me tell you, she knows the material. We've taken Kaplan's prep course and she's done over 3,000 practice questions. We are smart people and know how to succeed at school. We both got 4.0's our last year in nursing school, so we don't understand why she can't pass this exam. What can I do to help convince her that she can pass? Does anyone know someone who failed the NCLEX 4 times? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    You might want to check out several threads on the NCLEX forum in this site. There are many, many posts from people who took the NCLEX multiple times and finally passed, as well as posts with recommendations as to best study method. Why not sit down together with your sister and show her these? or forward links to her? Hopefully it will be encouraging, when you feel that the timing is right!
  4. by   acgemt
    I am not sure what words of encouragement I can give for someone failing the exam for a 4th time. I will offer some suggestions though...

    Maybe she is studying a little too hard. One thing that I have learned is that sometimes it helps to take a break...relax...take some time off...and then go back to it. When you study something for so long, everything tends to mesh together making it difficult to sort through the information.

    Is there a particular area your sister is not as strong in?

    When she is taking the NCLEX, is she getting enough sleep the night she eatting a good breakfast before the exam? Is she rushing through the questions or does she take time to read, reread, and then answer the question? Does she take breaks during the exam or go straight through?

    These are some questions for her to think about. I am sure after that many questions that she definitely has the knowledge. I am a firm believer that if you make it through nursing school, you can make it through the NCLEX. I think it just depends on the type of test taker she is. She will get through it. If she wants it bad enough, she will.
  5. by   EricJRN
    Over the last year, we've seen two Allnurses members pass the NCLEX 10+ years after graduation. Don't give up!

    You might check into Suzanne4's study plan here. Near the top of the NCLEX Forum, you'll see a sticky called 'The first tip of my new study guide' and that will get you started.
  6. by   NICU_3_RN
    a girl i went to college with, who is an excellent nurse, passed the NLCEX on her 5th try. Some people are just NOT good test takers - regardless of GPA.

    I agree with the poster who said just to relax... it really plays a big part. the stress of having taken it so many times at this point has to be playing a major part when she walks into the room.
  7. by   kasob66
    Don't be discouraged. just remember when evaluating each question to always go through your ABC's and then think priority. That is how I passed. Approach every question that way also when taking the test remember not to take any experiences into the test. The real world does not matter. When doing anything for a pt. everything is right at the bedside you never have to go look for anything. This is the ideal world for a nurse.