Experiences with smallpox

  1. I'm trying to find nurses who cared for victims of smallpox ... the last U.S. cases were in 1949, so these nurses would be retired. This is the subject of my dissertation and it is like looking for a needle in a haystack, believe me! If you had such an experience, or have a relative who did (or a relative who had the disease) ... please contact me through this forum (as I believe I'm not supposed to include my email address in the message). Thank you so much. MaryJA
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  3. by   mshultz
    Here is a good link:
    Smallpox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Note that Janet Parker died from smallpox due to some sort of laboratory accident. This occurred in England in 1978. If you can find out who cared for her, and if they are willing to talk to you (two big ifs), then these people could supply the information you need.