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    What is even sadder is no one seamed to know that TWO groups have been fighting for LPN's for over 50 years.....same problems with ANA getting members and respect of the professionals they serve.
    OOOh I think someone KNEW!

    Posted by Brownms46 05-12-2001 03:51 PM
    LPN/VN where do you work, and what area?
    I'm interested in finding out, what areas of nursing, do the LPN/VNs, work in, and what areas of the country are respresented here.

    I would also like to know, how many belong to the NFLPNs. Thank you!


    Posted: 05-23-2001 07:48 AM

    Yes it does GInurse, and very well! The NFLPN is an organization, that is supposed to represent LPN/VNs, as our legislative voice. Here is their webpage: http://www.nflpn.org/index.html.
    There is a convention coming up in Las Vegas in October. Besides becoming involved in the only organization, that represents us. The convention offers a chance for LPN/VNs to obtain national cert., in IV therapy, and Gerontology. I would be interested in going just to meet other LPNs from across the country. The Continuing Education Chairman states she is interested in locating LPNs to be speakers at the coming 2002, and 2003 conventions also. At the 2001 convention, there are only two LPNs speakers, and I had wondered why. I was answered with the response, that they haven't been able to find any other LPNs who were willing, and able to be speakers.

    Now as to the job where you work, it seems to be very interesting. I haven't seen many LPNs in this positon, and reading about your experiences. I wish you, and hannabear1 much success in your new careers.. !

    I lift up my eyes to the heavens....from whest cometh my help.

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