Excelsior College Graduates

  1. Question for all excelsior college graduates. Did you guys have a hard time getting a job after graduating? I've been hearing that some recruiters aren't too receptive to the online college thing. Please let me know because I'm half way done with the program and I need to know if I am waisting my time.


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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    As a grad and now a DON, I can tell you I don't even bother to look at what school nurses grad from. I've had Regents grads do great and graduates from prestiguous east coast programs who were trying to take pulses without touching the patient.

    I do look at what kind of backgroung the applicant has, though. So you might want to make sure you've got as much direct patient care experience as possible.
  4. by   jnette
    i'm still with the same employer as before, only now as an RN, so I didn't have any negatives regarding that.

    I DO know MANY nurses who went thru Excelsior (most were LPNs who got their RN)... and NONE have had any problems whatsoever in gaining employment . One of my best friends went thru Regents and has since been Unit Mgr., etc., at her hospital.

    AS stated above.. hands on experience is key to finding the job you want.. not where you went to school. Excelsior is an excellent program, don't let anybody kid ya or put you down. Takes a LOT of motivation and dedication to complete this all on your own.
  5. by   DMoon
    I have to agree with the previous posts. I'm a Regents grad and also work with some, and the key is clinical experience--and the quality of same. Hands-on patient care is where it's at! The Excelsior program requires a very strong motivation to study on your own, and the clinicals can be demanding, to put it mildly. They produce some strong, motivated new grads. No one I know has had any problem finding employment, although two of us were sent out to the "floor" for a year before they could go into the ICUs--no problem! So hang in there! It's worth it!