EWS /Systems Assessment

  1. When I left the US to return to work in the UK, the EWS was not being utilised in the US. Not sure how to word this question. Now that I am working back in clinical in the UK, we are using the EWS and wondered what US nurses feel about the EWS and if their thoughts on system assessment and the relationship between the two. hope this makes sense
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  3. by   BrnEyedGirl
    okay, I'll bite,....what's EWS?
  4. by   KneKno
    My curiosity won out. It's Emergency Warning System, and looks like a coding system based on VS, LOC, and UOP, which can trigger more frequent pt assesments or physician notification with a change in plan of care. Go to pg 8 and 9:
    Looks like more paper work, too!
  5. by   UKPedsRN
    Does anyone use the Early Warning System in the US? And how would you say it works in conjunction with System assessment, does anyone think that EWS could be used alone and the systems assessment not necessary. I argue that EWS is a great tool, but alerts you as a practitoner only when sysmptoms have not been picked up early enough, but I am willing to accept I am wrong. I would be interested in hearing other opinions.