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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Do miracles count?

    If so, I had a young patient who had a severely traumatized spinal cord, and who delayed treatment because she had no insurance.

    I stayed in the room and held her hand (the one she had sensation in) while the neurosurgeon told her the prognosis--the odds were against her ever walking again.

    No lie, we all cried.

    The surgeon left. The patient asked us to pray for her, so I went out and rounded up all the nurses I knew who prayed, and we had prayer and an anointing in the patient's room.

    I lost track of her for about a week, then I got floated to another unit. I'd never been on that unit before, so I was a rather unhappy camper to say the least.

    I got my assignment, and was going to a patient room when I heard someone calling my name (which was amazing in and of itself, because this unit was not my own warm, fuzzy, supportive unit :chuckle ) and I spun around looking for the source.

    It took about 15 seconds for me to realize that the patient coming down the hall with the walker was the spinal patient we prayed for a week before!

    This was her first day walking and she said, "Oh, I just prayed that you would see me walking!"

    To this day, I don't believe that her recovery or my assignment to that unit was a coincidence.
    Yes one experience I had with this woman on stepdown unit in a long term care facility. She was quadriplegic but had tenacity and faith. I was assigned to this hall (not my normal assignment). She and I touched and agreed for her recovery. In about a week or two to my surprise I was reassigned to this hall and went in for assessment on this patient. She was no longer a quadriplegic. She was moving her legs and had sensation in her arms.