ethics in communicating with former patients

  1. My former employer has sent me a letter stating he believes I "have violated company confidentally and solicitation policies as well as ANA provisions regarding professional boundaries by "having pursued a personal relationship or have solicited conversations with at least one of our patients. Also have reason to believe you have had unprovoked damaging conversations/statements with its employees" The use/misuse of patient information gained through your employment is a direct breach of the agreement." He "requests that (you) cease and desist these activities"
    I have NOT pursued a personal relationship or solicited conversations with my former patients. I DID RECEIVE a phone call from a former home health client who called to express her distress that I was no longer with the company (long story).
    Is there any documentation through ANA or other governing agencies that states a nurse cannot have conversations with her former patients and the ANA Professional Boundaries addresses CURRENT patient-nurse relationships? The letter is intimidating and threatening to me and borders on defamation of character.......a very important issue in a small community where rumors spread fast and can effect future employment.
    Any suggestions?
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  3. by   augigi
    Get a lawyer.