Ethical delima????calling in or giving meds to drug seekers??? - page 3

i work part time in a family practice office. i work for all providers at one time or another. we have a doc (lets call hime smith) that is famous for giving pain meds. he'll switch them from lortab,... Read More

  1. by   bellcollector
    I am glad to see so many here advocating for their patients pain control. Unfortunately that is often not the case. You may be surprised at how many chronic pain sufferers suffer needlessly because of cold, judgemental and undereducated healthcare providers. It is nice to see that is not the case here.

    To the OP, only you know the situation you are seeing. You have to do what you can live with and be comfortable with.
  2. by   Santana
    I agree 100% with 3rdSHIFTGUY