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  1. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from NC_Gal
    Given the following situation how would you respond?
    An elderly woman, who's health is clearly quickly diminishing, is in a nursing home. Her dx is breast ca. She repeatedly asks what is wrong with her and keeps reminding you that she wants to go home. She yells for someone to help her, and you go to see what you can help her with. All that she says she needs help with is to know what is going on with her and what's wrong with her. But!!!, (BIG BUTT!! here) the resident's family, has made it VERY clear to everyone interacting with this woman, that she is NOT to know her dx of breast ca. How would you respond to this situation? Would you tell the woman what her dx is? Would you tell the woman that she needs to talk to her MD? Can they legally keep this woman in the dark about her own health an healthcare, since she is clearly askign about it?
    I have been in this very situation a number of times. It's very uncomfortable and disconcerting. In all of these situations, soc serv was aware. I have just told these patients "I encourage you to discuss your concerns with your family and your doctor."
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  2. by   jaystrupp
    I remember working on a cardiac floor and preoping a patient for a CABG. The kicker was that the patient was 92 years old. Why would we put a patient through this? The family felt that she had some good time left. I asked the surgeon who responded that she is a "young 92 year old." I stated that she may act young, but her ogans are still old. They did the surgery and she died of cource, and I always wonder what that family felt like. Did they make the right decision? I would have rather had grandma around for a few years on medication and keeping her comfortable, but in todays medicine we are always trying to push every procedure and such no matter what the outcome may be. Sad.