Equal Pay in Nursing for women vs men? - page 2

An Ap article this morning revisted the issue of wage earning between men and women. Doing equal jobs and receiving less pay, benefits. This led me to wonder about the pay scales in nursing for... Read More

  1. by   fiestynurse
    I have found that male nurses will negotiate their starting wage, while most female nurses will accept whatever is offered to them. This causes men to make more than their female counterparts.
  2. by   fergus51
    Quote from Southern Charm
    I read up on this a few years back, and this was really the predominant reason why female nurses might appear to earn less. When women step out of the workplace to take maternity leave, some extend that leave, and then re-enter the field later. That can count against you in the experience category. Also, one source indicated that not only did men tend to stay in the profession on a "continuous" basis, but they tended to move into positions where the compensation is more generous (CRNA and administration come to mind).
    This is no longer the case here. It doesn't matter anymore if you have 10 years straight, or work 6 years, one off and then 4 years. I think that's reasonable. I don't believe in penalizing women for having children.