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  1. The hospital I work at is going to be using epic. I know how to do and find most of the big things. It's the keyboard shortcuts that I forgot to write down in class that I'd like help with.

    I know there's a shortcut way to sign your name, date, and time your nursing notes without have to actually write it out. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Any other typing shortcuts would be greatly appreciated too!

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  3. by   Meriwhen
    You would create a Smart Phrase with your name, auto-date, auto-time and whatever else you need in there. Then all you'd have to do to insert your signature is to type the smart phrase (e.g. ".MYSIG" or whatever you want to name it. I named mine ".ME").

    Unfortunately, it's been several months since I've used Epic, so I can't walk you through each step. But Google "Epic Smart Phrases" or look in the Help files.
  4. by   Silly_Sally_RN
    Here are some of the "dot phrases" I use:
    - .me - my name
    - .mephone - Silly_Sally_RN can be reached at *** (I then fill in my phone number)
    - .td - today's date
    - .vitals (or something very similar, but I can't recall what it is for sure) - gives you the last set (or few sets) of vitals in a table. I use this when I write a note about a Rapid Response.

    These are a few I use most frequently. I don't know if every EPIC system has the same ones. Hope this helps.
  5. by   Rocknurse
    I work with Epic

    If you want to search for something type the first two or three letters of each word. For example if I want to search for aortic calcification I type ao cal. If I want to search for a patient called Peter Smith I type Pet Sm

    Today's date: t
    yesterday: t-1
    Last week: t-7
    Last month: m-1
    Last year: y-1
    Next week: t+7
    Next month: m+1
    Next year: y+1

    Usually if you are trying to open a chart, a patient or a study, if you type = and hit enter it will open up the last one you opened.

    To sign something with your name type .me
    To sign something with your name and credentials: .mecred
  6. by   Meriwhen
    Also, keep in mind that your facility may already have preset Smart Phrases, and one of those may be for signing your notes in their preferred format.