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What does everyone think about first becomind a EMT before pursuing Nursing school? The reason I am considering this: 1- Maturity - EMT work would be a excellent help in gaining maturity in the... Read More

  1. by   miss_vtRN
    It's a great way to get experience and I think it is wise to let yourself mature and approach nursing school with a little bit of experience...it made nursing school SO much less stressful for me! I was an EMT-I for three years after high school and took community college classes on the side...A+P, Chem, electives...and they transferred right into my ADN program...allowing me to obtain my BSN in three years! If you take community college classes for transfer credit you can save a TON of money, too.
  2. by   Pneumothorax
    i say go for it.

    im doing EMT-B before i start nursing in the fall- the flight nursing program here requires u to be a paramedic on top of being a nurse so im getting some of it out of the way.

    its really up to you if u want to do it, but i think it would give u great hands on experience and u can make some $$ workin in the hospital as an ER tech

    good luck