Employment Gap

  1. Good day everyone. I am worried about my nursing career, after working fro two years overseas i am now unemployed for seven months. Is it a bad record to have a long month of unemployment gaps? Does employers put much consideration on the employment gap of an applicant?
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  3. by   such_sweet_sorrow
    Just explain it or fill it with volunteering! Never leave that much time unexplained. (This is what I've been told, anyway.) Good luck!
  4. by   xtxrn
    I would think it would depend on the reason, along with the quality of the references of the last employers...
  5. by   Black Jade
    I was unemployed for 8 months, but filled in the gap by working as a volunteer (still do), independent contractor, per diem and temp agencies. I found a job for which I did not have any experience and did not meet the qualifications, but they were willing to train me. Maybe you can try the same.
  6. by   netglow
    I would not really put too much time into worrying. The economy is in a bad way, seriously bad. In my state the unemployment rate went up to 9.2% recently and one of the 3 major sectors experiencing cutbacks was healthcare. If someone is going to freak because you have a large span of time unemployed - forget them. What can you do? Consider that a big sign that they would be a poor employer, in that they do not know the economic environment, or refuse to understand it - translates to poor corporate decision-making/blame which usually means they will be the next to underperform.