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Can someone tell me what is generally involved in a pre-employment physical at hospitals for a CNA? I know there will be drug screening and TB testing. I have fibromyalgia but it is under control... Read More

  1. by   lagill55
    I wanted 2 know if taking pain rx norco is allowed on drug screen results & not be denied
    You're not allowed to work impaired so you'd need to complete your narcotics before working or be subject to the rehabilitation program. If you're not clean, don't do the drug test.

    My physical was one of those "3 hour" one's where I lifted 25 pounds from the floor to a chair rapidly, squeezed vices and they'd measure footpounds, reach and touch (like a monitor) back and forth left and right both hands (I couldn't help but sway and sing heyyyy, hooooo, heyyyy, hoooo--the guy cracked up)...run and control a 450 pound wheelchair up a 200 meter ramp and back, run on a treadmill for 15 minutes...stuff like that. They said they got tired of the "I can't do that" and the injuries and it's going to be the norm. Another application had me sign a paper guaranteeing I can move a x patient, do this, that...etc.

    I'm in OK shape (not obese, not small but haven't excercised in a while) and it was no problem. Some of the activities they said obese nurses simply couldn't do and that was an insurance/injury/can't do it liability and when they're short, it's unfair to other staff to have to do their tasks- makes sense for floor nursing. They said for clerical nursing like case management, coordinator, etc the tests were different.

    I forgot the running stairs, etc. This was to simulate a code blue response in another building. I had fun, passed easily....nursing isn't a lazy job so if you've been working it should be simple enough.