Emergency stroke treatment time window extended

  1. Sorry if this has already been highlighted, but the time window for stroke thrombolysis treatment has been extended from up to 3 hours to 4.5 hours in light of evidence from the trial ECASS III.
    Here in the UK they are in the process of extending the time window in the license, but many physicians are using it outside of its license already, just as they may choose to treat people older than 80 years now.

    Also wanted to post this link to a brilliant stroke awareness ad.Can't find the original so this is it on Utube.
    This is so much in contrast to our ridiculous UK efforts at a public awareness ad.

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    Cute!...and very memorable
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    Thanks!!!!!!!!!. It is a easy now to remember ..F.A.S.T.....I will teach this to my MAs at work!!! and the rest of the office and administrative personel.:bowingpur