Emergency Financial Aide and /or Grants

  1. Hello Again Everyone,

    I have a question does anyone out there know where I could go for emergency financial aide or grants. I wan to take one or two courses in the Fall Into To The Human Body and another course. I am not sure that I woukd be granted financial Aide because I am on Pobation I really want to return to school in the Fall 2003. I cannot pay for the courses on my own because I am on disability right now. I can barely live on that I am trying to find a parttime job I have had no luck with that as of yet. I am trying to take my prerequisites for an RN Program while I try to decide and look into an LPN Program. The LPN program does not begin until January 2004 I have to take the Nurse Entrance Test and score at least in the 80% percentile. Does anyone have any feedback for me.

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  3. by   PennyLane
    In my state it's fairly easy to obtain a state delegate or state senatorial grant. Call your delegates and senator and ask for an application. I got one for $1,000 without any hassle at all.