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  1. hi everyone,i volunteered my services on our med-error commitee at the hospital.i would like to up grade our system(it is all hand written)and the error rate is high especially for transcription errors.i would like to get a pixis type dispencer for nacrs(they hand count every shift).and also computer generated med orders.the hospital says a pixis is very expensive.can anyone advise about possible used equipment,free equipment or softwear??spitfire
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  3. by   hollykate
    Hi Spitfire,
    We just got a brand new pyxis with the BOND 007 fingerprint scanner. and Pyxis took away our old machines- So perhaps they resell the older models (the only difference I see is that you type in a password instead of the fancy fingerprint scan.) It's worth looking into, maybe they would even give you a deal.