Electronic Medical Record

    Upcoming MANI Program - May 10, 2001
    EMR: Fact or Fiction?

    Dr. John Tu

    MD Director of Electronic Health Record Systems
    Loyola University Health Systems

    Is the 1991 Institute of Medicine's vision of a computer- based patient record a reality yet?

    Are the developments in integrated systems, security of electronic patient data, Standardization, Classifications and Languages combining to make the originally envisioned "Gold Standard" a reality?

    You are invited to attend the May 10th Midwest Alliance for Nursing Informatics' meeting as we discuss issues related to the Electronic Medical Record.

    CPR, EMR, EPR, or EHR whatever you call it, its developments and implementation will impact Nursing Informatics practice. Please join us as we learn about a homegrown EMR.
    For registration information please see: www.maninet.org

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