Egg Allergy????

  1. This is not very nursig related, but maybe someone knows something. I used to eat eggs every morning for breakfast (I'm not a big meat-eater and I'm lactose intolerant so eggs made a good protein source for me). A few days ago, I ate eggs and about 2 hours later and had horrible horrible pains in my stomach. NOt down low like diarrhea pains, but up high and in the middle of my stomach. I was very nauseated and it hurt so bad I could not move. So the next day I tried eggs agian (not realizing that was the trigger) and it did it again. So I checked the date on my eggs and they were fine, and my DH ate them with no problem and I always cook mine to death anyways so they werent undercooked. So I waited a few days and tried just 1 egg this morning. And again now I have horrible stomach pains and nausea.

    My question is, how could I have eaten eggs all of my life with no problem and suddenly develop this reaction to them? And it is only eggs, no other food that does this.

    Any insights?
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  3. by   eltrip
    IF this is an egg allergy, keep in mind that an allergy to a substance can occur at ANY time after the first exposure to the substance. If you think that this may be your situation, please discuss w/ your PCP or go see an allergist.

    By the way, you've actually described, on the most part, my usual allergic reaction to eggs!
  4. by   smk1
    my daughter is allergic to eggs (she is 3) she has horrible diarrhea and vomiting and welts if she eats any. i would assume she would also have awful stomach pains du to the cramping. You can develop an allergy to anything at anytime i was always told. (not a nurse just telling my experience)
  5. by   SC RN
    I have horrible, horrible welts across my back and entire body after I eat eggs ... looks like somebody gave me 30 lashes with a tree branch! But no, it's not enough to stop me from eating them ... I just have to have an omelette every now and then! If it ever progresses further, anaphylaxis for instance, I'll stop. But for now .....
  6. by   zambezi
    Also keep in mind that if it is an egg allergy, you may also be allergic to certain vaccinations (like the flu shot) talk to you doctor before you vaccinate!