Effects of "Safe Haven" Bills on RN's

  1. Wondering how RN's feel about proposed (and in many states, passed) "Safe Haven" bills? (There may be different names for these in different states) These bills would allow people to drop off unwanted newborns in ER's with no prosecution for doing so. It is intended to prevent babies from being abandoned in dumpsters, etc. Also, how do you feel this impacts nurses and society? Any OPINIONS would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   NorthernRN
    Being a L&D nurse, and a mom, I have two opinions on this subject, which is now a law in TX. As a L&D nurse, I support the law in that anything we can do to encourage young women NOT to leave their babies in trash cans/dumpsters is a good thing. However, even with this law in place, it's not being used......we're still finding babies in dumpsters despite the law. Now, as a mother, to think that women would do this in the first place is beyond me. We as a society have already failed these women if they continue to find it necessary to "dispose" of unwanted children. Unfortunately, until we as a society can turn this practice around, we will need laws like this one in place in an attempt to protect these unwanted infants. That's my 2 cents.......
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    New Havens
    Had a new case in TN

    Mother left child at a church, with diapers, formula, etc. etc.-
    she was still arrested for neglect--where was the family---much less the "father"----
    I was an older mother at 27 with a husband in house and I was still overwhelmed at times--called mother, called sister, and maintained sanity,---this mother left child with a "church"---let's go with god one more time---they arrested her--where was the help before she folded-gave up enough to leave her baby--can you possibly imagine how alone that mother felt -and still---they arrested her!!!!!!?????.They interviewed her husband and he wasn't arrested--why not? Why is mother only responsible party--Safe haven should be safe----and further more it should be a plea for help--and receive that help for the overwhelming task of parenting without help--god may be making me stronger but he was definitely making me stronger while I-ME-WENT SLEEPLESS and stayed up through the night BY MYSELF,

  5. by   princessRN4
    Does anyone else have an opinion on "Safe Havens" for newborns? How will this effect nursing, if at all?