Education Neglect Charge is Threatening My Fiance's Career

  1. My fiance is a nurse in the state of Michigan. She has just been threatened with an 'Educatinal Neglect' charge because her daughter's elementary school v.p/principal are for some mercurial reason using a rarely enforced policy that requires a doctor's note to excuse an absence. She has two daughters in that school over nine years and has never had a problem with presenting her own, written excuses for when her daughter was out of school (which was rare).

    So, anyway - she is going out of her skull with concern because she has to support her two kids and pay alimony on top of it to a scuzzy ex-husband who pays no child support and gambles away all of the money she spends to pay him every month. So, if she loses her license to a 'Neglect' charge she will suddenly be forced to work at Woolworth's and move into a dump and watch her two beautiful daughters grow into young women in poverty.

    These are really the things she is thinking right now because the vice-principal has said patently that if her daughter misses ONE more day of school (excused or not) that she will be charged with Educational Neglect. She says that even a charge of Neglect will mandate that she cannot practice nursing.

    Is this all true? What can be done? What should she do?

    Thanks for any public or emailed response

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    Ok this sounds like we are getting into potentially-dicey legal territory. Truancy laws and number of hours a year mandated in education classrooms and activies really vary by state. I would consult for legal advice if they press this one.

    These are questions we can't really answer for you here. Good luck.
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    Please accept my welcome to The Terms of Service do discuss our inability to exchange advice of a legal or medical nature. That is why this thread has to be closed. I hope all is resolved favorably.