EBN help please

  1. give me info about evidence-based nursing,it is urgent,
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  3. by   wendoly
    i m writing my report about EBN, but it is a new thing in China ,so materials ican find is too limited to support a report. will anyone
    help me ? i will be appreciate very very much
  4. by   KMSRN
    This is the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) page from the Oncology Nursing Society site. There are also some links to other sites.

  5. by   purplemania
    I do not have a link to share. Can you access CINAHL (the nursing research site? May be available through your school library or the public library system). When you write your paper consider this: EBP started in Western Europe as a way to define standard nursing care so that money could be saved in education, training, purchasing, providing services, etc. In the USA we do look at EBP differently. We believe money should not be the first consideration because we are not a socialist or communist country (where the government pays for medical services). The documentation you will find from the USA on EBP will look at what research indicates is the BEST way to provide services. The best way is not always the cheapest way. I had a class in graduate school in which we researched this topic and this is the most important thing I learned: Who is providing the evidence? Is the "evidence" reliable and valid? What are you going to do with the information (can you really use it?) Sorry for the long message and GOOD LUCK. By the way, thank you to your country for loaning the Panda Bears to Memphis City Zoo. They are wonderful!