DUI conviction and nursing

  1. I have just graduated from nursing school and I have sent my application in to the BRN. Unfortunately, I have history of a DUI conviction three years ago . I was wondering if anybody knows if this might prevent me from being able to sit from the boards. I did have letters of reference from nursing instructor and from my manager at the community hospital where I have been working as a CNA for the last year. If any one has any ideas or prior experience with this a reply would be most appreciated!

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  3. by   JillR
    Way back when, I had two DUI's. The board of nursing did ask for information regarding treatment and proof that I complied with the court orders. They did allow me to sit for NCLEX, however I was told that the decision they made regarding my ability to sit for the exams was based mostly on the fact that I have not had anything to drink in five years and that I admitted there was a problem, faced it and did what was needed to fix it.

    My last DUI was about 10 years ago, so they were able to see that I had made efforts to change my behavior.