1. JACHO has come and gone...by all outward appearence we did well. Of course they only actually left yesterday(thurs). I attended all meetings we had to prepare for our survey.. It was my first Jacho survey...what all does Jacho look at behind the scenes, as in management?...med. records, and say billing ? Just what do they do? I know they walk around and ask pertinant questions..of staff.But what else...DUH ON ME..thanks
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  3. by   Tweety
    I think JACHO is all encompassing. We just survived JACHO the week before, we did well, in fact they left early. I'm not sure about billing, but they did make a trip to every single department that cares for patients, including medical records, building maintenance, security, etc. They found a spot on the ceiling in mother-baby and promptly they had to change the panel and find out where the spot came from.

    Their main concerns this trip was pain control and restraints. Which they found in good order, thank goodness. Nursing did very well this visit. The MDs had one variance, the pharmacy another, but nursing had no major problems!