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This thread is open to all nurses, not just for nursing students! My college currently uses Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses, however all of the instructors HATE it. As this is the only one I have... Read More

    When I Worked, I Loved The Davis' Drug Guide. I Kept My Own Personal Copy With Me And My Co-workers Frequently Used It. They Preferred It Over Mosby's And The Nursing Series. Even After I Left The Hospital Setting I Purchased A New One To Get Updated. I'm Long Overdue Now For A New One.
    A Good Drug Guide For Nurses Is Not Typically Something That Most Lay People Would Want To Use. For That Reason I'm So Glad You Didn't Say You Preferred The Pdr. The Pdr Is Nothing But A Big Commercial With A Binding Around It. Drs. Use It To Determine How A Med Is Supplied So They Can Accurately Communicate To The Pharmacist In A Prescription.
    Your Guide Should Be Heavy On Nursing Implications And Administration Tips And Routes. Those Are All Important .
  2. by   clee1
    I have the Davis and the Moseby guides in my PDA. I use the Davis most but I find the Moseby to be slightly more comprehensive.
  3. by   dawgs25
    what about the lippincott drug guide? Does any know anything good or bad about it?
  4. by   BJLynn
    We have the Springhouse and the Lippincott drug guides at work. I can not say I am a big fan of either. I can generally find the info I need, but still prefer my 10th Edition Davis drug guide.
  5. by   sonja77
    i used davis in school and now have it in my pda. at work we have the nursing2007 drug guide. i prefer davis.