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  1. Several years ago my son begged me to invest in drug stocks. He was particularly interested in Biotechs. I refused saying it was risky. Well, he went ahead and scraped a few thousand dollars together, did some careful researh, made his picks and invested. He does not actively trade but maybe once a month he makes a sale or a buy. I knew he was a genuis, why did I not trust his advice? He is rapidly becoming a wealthy man. Here I sit complaining about the obscene profits drug companies make while someone in my family is benefiting from the situation. I should have joined them instead of trying to beat them. Do not run out and buy drug stocks based on what I say, the time to make a killing is long past.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Oramar, believe me, the time to make a killing is not "long past"; however, the "killing" being done now is not how much you make in the stock market, it's the drug companies who are "killing" the poor people who can no longer buy their prescriptions! I don't know how many times I have heard recently about elderly people who have to choose between eating and buying prescriptions. I recently had a patient who told me that he and his wife "share" their diabetic and anti-hypertensive drugs because it cost too much to buy them for each of them! I remember my own uncle who bought a bottle of Tagamet but didn't take it because then he could tell his doctor (and me!) that he had the medicine. And that was 10 years ago before he died!
  4. by   oramar
    The situation is quite ironic because my sons growing affluence allows him to pay for his grandparents prescriptions. My husband and myself would be bankrupted by the expense if we had to do it, the combined drug expenses of grandparents on both sides is over $1000 a month. So the drug companies gouging of the elderly allows a few people who understand how the game is played to grow weathly, they inturn are the only ones able to afford the medication for themselves and their families. I do not comprehend how this system can continue for long.
  5. by   Jenny P
    Wouldn't it be nice if everyone who profitted from the drug companies on the stock market was paying for 4 peoples' prescriptions? That would be the only way that this system could continue the way it is.