1. I am considering the DPT program at my school. I realize this is a nursing forum, but you guys have lots of information and different perspectives, and you work with people in all healthcare fields all the time, so if anyone could give me any information, advice, or experiences with the field and people in it, what you think of it, compare it to nursing, etc., I would be very appreciative! Trying to consider all my options. Thanks!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Is that Doctor of Physical Therapy? I'm a DPT, but in my case it stands for Donor Phlebotomy Technician.
  4. by   user9876
    My bad, I should have clarified. Yes, I meant Doctor of Physical Therapy!
  5. by   DBlack1
    Good career, doesn't seem to be too hard of a job after seeing what they did in the hospital.

    The school work is pretty difficult. Gross anatomy could be fun and hard at the same time. My ex wife was in a DPT program when we divorced.

    Pay is great right out of school, but in my research it seems to top out rather low for the amount of time invested in education. I know a PT in law school due to wanting more money. I know the local hospital doesn't pay PT's what I think they should earn (60's), but they don't seem to have a problem retaining the PT's they employ.
  6. by   user9876
    thanks for your input.... yes, the top out salary does somewhat concern me considering it's a doctorate program and all, but i'm wondering if that's going to get better with time? i know the opportunities for overtime and differentials and such aren't there with PT as they are with nursing.... any thoughts???
  7. by   EricJRN
    It's been interesting to see what happened with salaries in pharmacy (esp hospital-based) now that the PharmD is the entry-level degree. Hopefully PT will experience the same phenomenon once more doctorally-trained therapists are out there.
  8. by   user9876
    Are you saying that salaries increased dramatically onced the PharmD became the entry-level degree? How long did it take? (dumb questions probably)
  9. by   user9876