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Does anyone know the proper doppler placement during a code to check pulses during CPR? I've seen it placed over the pedal pulses, radial pulses, femoral pulses and carotid pulses. Which is the... Read More

  1. by   auto5man
    Hi All,

    Many posters have had great comments, there are a lot of correct answers. But to answer the original question what is the best location to check for pulses with a doppler during a code? In my 11 years of ER nursing experience, we dont use the doppler to check for pulses if the code is in progress and the pt has a non-perfusing rhythm. I palpate for pulses in those situations. If I doubt myself, then I put the "ears" on and auscultate for heart sounds during a pulse check cpr break. If the physician only trusts his own opinion, he or she can palpate himself. I DO use a doppler though to determine blood pressure when the pt is that critical and hypotensive that you can't "hear" a blood pressure manually. Sometimes patients just have quiet blood pressures, or the room is too loud from the ambient noise and chaos. Dopplers are invaluable in those situations when you need good data (like a blood pressure) but your normal methods of obtaining the data aren't working. For example, the doctor oders dopamine if the systolic BP falls below 90, but you can't determine a blood pressure by machine or manually. You know the patient HAS a blood pressure because you have a detectable femoral pulse. My solution is to use the doppler in that situation.

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  2. by   Cardiac-RN
    Quote from traumaRUs
    A bedside sono is the gold standard to check cardiac motion. We have sonos in each trauma bay.
    too bad patients don't always conveniently code in the trauma bay where the sonos are available : ) what about for the patients in the rest of the house? the doppler is just another available tool that can at times be helpful; some choose to use it, others do not.