Don't want to work in a hospital- what to do?? - page 2

Hi all. I am in 2nd semester at RN school. I am doing well. I started Med Surg this year and I am in clincials at a hospital. Some things I like about it, most of it I dislike. Whoa. I do not really... Read More

  1. by   zuzi
    Quote from Diahni
    My impression is that no matter where one wants to work, a new grad needs some med-surg training. Seems to be no way around that.
    Agree 100%. A nurse is A NURSE only with some experience and that is coming after couple of years in hospital environment. You can never think at an "protected" job without clinical experience IN HOSPITAL. Now for your question, PERSONALLY, I know couple of nurse new graduate working in dr offices, but the risk to contact infectious diseases is probably is the same like in hospital