Domestic Violence

  1. What initiatives are going on in the world of nursing concerning Domestic Violence and it's effect. How much is it costing your economy and what are other nurses doing about it? Do you think it's a problem? Are you a professional who has been invoved in counselling others about it? A counsellor or are you a victim?
    Who does it effect? Women, men and children.
    Why isn't there a forum about it?

    Do you have a new initiative about it? Or if you are involved in a project how much is your budget?
  2. Poll: How important is tackling domestic violence on the health agenda?

    • very important

      56.25% 9
    • important

      25.00% 4
    • not very important

      18.75% 3
    • not important

      0% 0
    • affecting men

      31.25% 5
    • affecting women

      31.25% 5
    • affecting children

      31.25% 5
    • high budget of 1 million dollars

      18.75% 3
    • medium budget of 500,000 dollars

      0% 0
    • low budget of 200,000 dollars or less

      6.25% 1
    16 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   sjoe
    Going after symptoms rather than after causes is the major problem of our healthcare and of our society in general here in the US (though things may be quite different in the UK in that regard...NOT.) Plugging the recently-discovered "epidemic" of "domestic violence" into that same model is not very useful.

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