Does Your Unit Director Do This? - page 4

I work nights on a very, very busy and very understaffed med-surg floor. Lately, the unit dir. has started coming onto the floor in the mornings, with a detailed list of the patients' complaints (if... Read More

  1. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Yes, I tend to be one of the nurses that would recommend a round about approach to getting problems solved. But, in this case, the manager, if I understand correctly, is using customer satisfaction surveys to "whip" employees. How can your morale stand up to that for any length of time? Supervisors, managers, directors, etc. listen up! Beating up on subordinates is not doing your job. It does not make you a powerful person in the eyes of anyone but yourself. If you have professional pressures or personal problems that are causing you to do this, then you need to take time off and do an introspective examination to see whether you would want to continue in a job that you were required or felt a need to abuse, yes abuse your staff.

    If you are required to measure quality by the use of customer satisfaction surveys, then use them as tools to help your employees and patients.