Does your hospital supply education courses?

  1. I've worked 3 different hospitals. All hospitals offered at least a little bit of nursing education. Far less then I would imagine.

    I spoke to the nursing education staff nurse about classes offered through the hospital. She gave me three pamplet for classes costing about $20-80 a class. (the pamplets listed a total of 3 courses)

    Does your hospital offer courses and do they charge you?

    What I've been inquiring a lot about at my present hospital and the last hospital I worked at is...intensive care classes. I know ICU nurses say learning on the jobs the best. But in nursing school we had no training in ICU (vents/balloon pumps)etc. that I'd like a background course first. Any idea an informative introductory book. --- I have 7-8 years experience in nursing but I still don't think I'd feel "comfortable" in an ICU. (ICU nursing's my dream)
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    A Critical Care Course is required to work in our ICU or our Telemetry Unit. Our Education Department conducts it. It's 8 to 10 days long (8 for Telemetry; 10 for ICU). It's only available to those who will be working in Telemetry or ICU and is conducted about twice a year. As an employee, you are paid to attend the class. That's the only education the hospital provides, besides any mandatories that come along (HIPAA Training, etc.).

    Some community colleges offer a critical care course that you can take (and pay for) on your own.