Does this get better?? :-(

  1. I have been on the floor now on my own for about 3 months (I'm a new grad RN on a neuro and spine unit). So last night was one of the worst shifts I've ever had and again (this happens way more than I'd like it to and all too often I dread going to work) I'm left to wonder if I should apply for a different job or change my career. I hardly have time to take breaks it seems, like ALL THE TIME and I'm someone who has a hard time going a long time without eating (I weigh 100 lbs and can't afford to loose anymore weight and have a super fast metabolism). I'm lucky if I get more than 1 break and that's on 12 hour shifts. I can never ever get out on time (up to an hour after shift is done) and it's getting so frustrating especially since my child is left to sit at daycare and I'm wondering when daycare is going to get fed up with me showing up late to pick him up all the time. I like what I do (I absolutely don't like that there's sooooo much I don't know as a new grad RN) and I feel like my patients are kept safe while I'm working it just takes me longer to do things because I have sooooooo much learning to do and I struggle a little in the confidence department. If I'm not for sure on something, I have to ask about it. Will this get any better? Or do I need to look for a different job or possibly a different career?? I dunno, maybe I just wasn't meant to be a nurse. :-(
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    Quote from Cls62011
    I like what I do... and I feel like my patients are kept safe while I'm working
    These are the two key points. As long as you have these, everything else can be worked on. It takes a long time to transition from new grad to nurse. Over time you will learn some things to help shave off minutes here and there, such as delegating more to CNA's, taking care of multiple things while going into a patient's room, and tricks to doing charting/meds/procedures quicker. One thing I did for myself on the floor was to force myself to gulp down an orange juice in the morning and afternoon to help keep my blood sugars up, and get some liquid in, and I felt tons better doing that one simple step.

    Stick with it if possible, this feeling is very common and normal. But again, as long as you have safe working environment and you enjoy it, everything else can get better.
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    it gets better.