Does anyone work for HCA? I need to know how long their orientation is? - page 2

I forgot to include this with my last post but as of today HCA has now took over a large hospital system in my city and so I will be working for them after graduation. From my understanding they are... Read More

  1. by   Texagain
    I've worked for HCA for almost six years. My orientation was 12 weeks on the unit, plus a bunch of other stuff like a 2 day breast feeding course. I have noticed that orientation takes as long as it takes for you to practice at a comfortable level. If we have someone who is not doing very well, their orientation is extended non-punatively. I love working for my hospital. It's the best job I've ever had, nursing or non-nursing. I have great pay, great hours, and fabulous co-workers. They are always available to help. My NM is super, too. I plan to work there until they sweep my dry, dusty bones out the door.

    Now, I'm not saying all HCA's are like that- I don't know that. And I'm not gonna tell you where I work because I don't want all of you coming after my spot! LOL. I hope you like your new job. Getting a raise before you start is a good sign.
  2. by   Texagain
    I forgot to add, the nurse on my unit who has been there the longest just got her 25 year pin and we have lots in the 12-15 year range. That may be why I like my coworkers so much. They have been there a long time and have alot of pride in the hospital and thier jobs. Also, we recently went all-RN. The only LVN's left are in school.
  3. by   peaceful2100
    See the HUGE pro for me is that I am doing my capstone which is 168 hours on a Med-Surg unit where is exactly where I have been offered my job after graduation. So I am definitely taking advantage of my capstone by trying to learn as much as I possibly can. I know I will NOT learn it ALL because that takes a good while but it will help.