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I work in a long-term care facility. Our medical director doesn't have the best bedside manners, but he is our medical director and we should have some respect for his position. Yesterday a... Read More

  1. by   walk6miles
    I worked for the VA in 3 different facilities (one was a Harvard affiliate). The Vets received (for the most part) wonderful care. The residents doing their training were sharp as tacks and held to high standards (there goes all those stereotypes). Additionally, there were occasional "special services" used for the Vets; specifically, in the facility that I initially trained in, there was a patient who was given special medication under the direction of the FDA - all vials were guarded and accounted for and the man did very well and went home.
    Any thing the patients needed - they received!
    I don't know about the "you don't need a license to practice" - I had to have my nursing license and presented it when requested.
    By the way, the only time I ran into an unlicensed physician was when I did a travel assignment at one of the largest, most respected hospitals on the east coast - they had an ER doc who never graduated from med school...he worked a little over a year there and they finally followed up on him and boy, did the stuff hit the fan!!!