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As a student nurse, I had the pleasant experience today of being treated with respect by an MD, which brings this question to mind: Are there nursing fields where docs more readily treat nurses as... Read More

  1. by   Otessa
    I have found it in the ICU......and many other places. I have found a LOT of the time that if you demand nothing but respect that is what you will get......
  2. by   LeahJet
    I think that in the ER, you know the docs on a more personal level. Spending 12 hours working side by side, you develop a rapport with them. We talk about kids, movies, travel....just like any co-worker.
    Also, it's easy for a doc to be a jacka$$ on the floor.... he can wreck havoc and leave. An ER doc that does any havoc wrecking has to "live" with the recipients.........not fun.