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Hello, fellow nurses! The other day, I was discussing "ER" with a fellow group of nurses,and most said that they do not watch any medical shows. Most stated that they get enough of it at work. And... Read More

  1. by   cesca
    I am closet"ER".

    My husband always says, " you have enough of this at work, don' you?" and "yeah, just change it" is my reply.
    I also told my non-nursing friends, "that's not real, it's a medical soap!"

    but when my husband is not at home during the day, ( I work nights) I watch reruns. I also secretly tape them.
  2. by   jackee

    Here in Australia there is this GREAT show.....'All Saints".......a hospital based show which is very popular. It just won the 'Logie', the Aussie TV industry award, for best drama, etc etc...

    All the nurses I know watch's a scream!

    It is based on a hospital in Sydney, ie: "All Saints", and the series focuses on Ward 17, which, hilariously, is a 15 or so bed ward that combines it all........ED, ICU, medical, surgical, maternity, name it................get the picture!?

    It is actually not too bad on the nursing side of things......but we all really watch it for the soapie aspect...will the NUM (Nurse Unit Mananger, Terry, ex-nun) FINALLY get together with Mitch (the incredibly compassionate medical resident)?????????

  3. by   nightmoves
    I was on active duty in 1973 and 1974, and have always loved MASH. China Beach, however, reduces me to tears for the most part.

    Of course, I remember Ben Casey from when I was a little kid.

    Can't stand anything post-China Beach.