Do you think I could be a nurse if...

  1. I get panic attacks whenever I feel sick to my stomach? I don't like when other people vomit either. In fact I have never seen someone else vomit except on tv so I really don't know how I would react.

    I have been researching nursing and don't think I would have a problem with anything else, I don't mind blood, spit, poop, you name it. I am excited about everything else about being a nurse! I'd hate to let a fear of mine stop me.
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  3. by   august_snow
    do you know why this happens to you? is it something medical that could be treatable?
  4. by   cherylnj81
    I am not sure I suppose I could make a point to work on it. I think it is a mental health issue. I have experienced this since I was a child. Whenever I feel nauseated I have an incredible urge to go home to my own house and call my mom, lol. I get genuine panic attacks from it. I have gotten a lot better about it over the years, it used to effect me to the point where I had trouble in school because of it.

    Maybe I could seek professional help to try to help me get over it. I wonder if anyone else has had an extreme fear like mine but still manages to be a good nurse.