Do student loans affect licensing?

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    Quick question...If someone is in default of a student loan, does that affect the ability to get licensed? I live in NJ, and I will be graduating in December, and I was reading the application, and there is a question where it asks if you are in default in regard to any student loan obligation...

    Furthermore, it goes to say that one must obtain documentary evidence that an arrangement has been reached with the bank or entity that issued the student loan, for the eventual payment of the says that "you will not be able to obtain a license or certificate unless you provide the required documents concerning the plan for payment of your student loan".

    I have paid my way through nursing school, right out of my own pocket, so I have no loans for this period of time. However, prior to that, i defaulted on a loan because i just couldnt pay for it (which was one of the deciding factors to get a well paying job, so that i could clean up my credit).

    What do you guys suggest? I was originially inclined to check "no" on the box, because I assumed that it was only related to my nursing school. Do you know of anyone that was issued a license and had defaulted on previous loans?

    I'd appreciate any input. Thanks.
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  3. by   parrotmom
    It is a state to state issue. they are looking specifically at student loans but also at child support, etc. If you have an agreement for the loan or it has been x number of years no problem but a lot of states have started using the threat of not licensing or pulling a license to get folks to repay the debts they rightly owe. In Oklahoma they may even revoke yur drivers license plus any rpofessional licenses if you fail to take care of obligations. I would check your credit report to see if it is still there. One free a year from and if so speak with a branch of the concumer credit counseling before you go further. It may be if it is there you can work out an agreement and have it in place before you apply for licensing. This is what one of our medics had to do to avoid loss of his license Former girlfriend waited till her son was six to announce the father to anyone but him and irst notice he had was the courts telling him he was sx years behind in support)
  4. by   Attuma0000
    please Help!! i am currently going thru the same thing. I have taken my boards in July and they still have not given me my lisense yet. I even faxed them a letter telling them that i have paid the loand off in full ( I had them consolidated while after i sent in the application so i was defaulted but now i am not). They are taking forever to tell me anything and in this economy no job is going to wait that long for me to get back to them about a license. What hapend to you and can you give me any insight to the process.

    Thanks a lot