Do other forums "similar" to exist for other professions? This place..

  1. is so incredible and interesting that I would read it from time to time EVEN IF I wasn't in school to be a nurse. When you think about thousands of people coming together to offer their ture insites and opinions based upon actual experiences, it boggles the mind. I think you can really get the "straight dope" from places like this and it can provide almost endless information (my wife said that she will sometimes go a google domain search of allnurses just to find threads about the supernatural and read them. She finds it so fascinating as do I).

    The POINT, and my question involves forums like THIS for police, firefighters, attorneys, doctors, accountents, scientists ect. Sure, I know that all of these professions have websites dedicated to their disiplines, but are there any with the "feel" of allnurses? To me this place is so far beyond anything else of its kind (in nursing) that their SHOULD be. Perhaps the folks who "own" allnurses could contemplate taking their unique concept and "touch" into other disiplines. I for one would love to know some of the "inside scoop" about doctors and the police just for instance!
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  3. by   angelac1978
    there are forums for rad techs, and one site I visit has message boards for tech, medical students, residents, etc. there are also boards, I think for medical students. most I have seen though, aren't as active as allnurses is.

  4. by   manna is VERY active and there are pre-professional and professional forums for MD/DO/PhD, pharmacy, dental, optho, PA, PT/OT, etc

    Is still around for x-ray, Angela?
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  5. by   SirJohnny
    Roland & Others:

    - My specialty in the Computer Science realm is Java/J2EE Programming.

    - The forum/board is set up much like this one, and deals with topics dealing specifically with the Java/J2EE world.

    - While most of the discussions are technical in nature, there are a few that pertain to all professions, namely the Jobs Discussion board, and the Meaningless Drivel board.

    - If you go to and click on Big Moose Saloon and scroll down to either the Jobs Discussion or the Meaningless Drivel section, you can read the discussions yourself.

    - On a side note, you'll be surprised that for a board being run out of Denver, Colorado that around 90% of the posts are made by Indians overseas. Such is the current state of the computer software industry with all the offshoring and H1B visas being issued (mainly to India in our industry).

    - Enjoy!!!

    John Coxey
  6. by   angelac1978
    yup manna, it's still there, although it's gone through a face lift. there's also a new board, but it's not very active at all. maybe because it's new. there's also which has a very active resident board.