Do I hate my unit, bedside nursing or just nursing in general?

  1. Hi, I am writing on here because I am completely miserable.

    I'll just start off with my background quickly. I studied psychology wanting to be a sexologue but my grades didn't allow me to further my studies so I did an accelerated program in college (not university).

    Now I'm a recent college nursing graduate, working on a general surgery floor since about 4 months (where there is everything and step down ICU transfers as well). I absolutely hate it. I actually cried a few times and I never cry. Just looking at my schedule stresses me out (completely stupid I know). I'm so miserable before every shifts and it makes it even worse when I see my peers loving my floor.

    I don't mind the patient interaction, but it's the lack of time that bothers me, I feel I don't know anything because I didn't have the time to look it up. I sound stupid and feel stupid at work. There are often 12 hour shifts and even with that much time I seem to struggle, night shifts are worse I feel because there's a lot of those "mean" nurses that don't really want to help you. And honeslty running around cattering to little needs and beeping machines while most likely missing the bigger issues and picture is a nightmare to me.

    But right now, I'm a "pending license" nurse so I feel so stuck. I remember living my psychiatry and obstetrics clinicals. My next move would be to apply and get a position in either floors...mainly psychiatry as I guess it would tie in with my psych bachelor's. But I also want to obtain the nursing bachelor's as it would allow me to do home care and work in private clinics...but I'm so worried about hating every aspect of nursing...

    I'm sorry for this post but I would just like to hear about everyone's experiences and opinions. I'm a nurse in Canada, Quebec, this is why I can practice nursing without the bachelor's and with my "professional college diploma" only .
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  3. by   Newgradnurse17
    Probably just isn't the area for you. Stay there till you get you bachelors. Just keep reminded yourself it's obky temporary, and it will be over soon. But In the mean time make sure you learn everything you can and make the most of this experience while your there.
  4. by   borkowskikid
    I felt SO stupid when I first graduated! To be honest, I was a nurse for a whole year before I had my first shift where I felt like I knew what I was doing when the s%#t was hitting the fan. I hated talking to doctors, because they always caught me off guard. Other nurses were rude and reluctant to help me until I guess I "proved" myself. My time management of crap, I never ate lunch. But somehow, through all the dread, I started picking it up and connecting the dots, and today I can't imagine myself doing anything else. It may be a hard learning curve at first, but I love being a nurse!