Do Any States Require BSN?

  1. Does anyone know if any states currently require a BSN as the minimum entry level preparation to obtain an RN license? Are any states seriously considering such a move? I'm just wondering since most of the professional nursing groups endorse the BSN as the minimum degree needed in nursing today.
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  3. by   AHarri66
    At this time, the only state that requires a BSN for an RN license is North Dakota.
    The requirement of a BSN for licensure has been the topic of hot debate for quite some time, and I highly doubt we'll see changes any time soon. (Hopefully, as I currently have my ADN! <g> )

  4. by   CarolM
    Thanks, A, for the info. I had heard that New York was going to require a BSN within the next few years and that current nurses without a BSN would have to go back to school to upgrade.

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  5. by   traumaRUs
    Do you thing requiring a BSN is realistic in this time of nursing shortages? I know that here in the midwest (IL) nurses area great commodity. We recently received word our hospital was going to review salaries two or three times per year, just to keep up with what other hospitals are offerring. I'm an ADN grad also.
  6. by   JGlass
    Even if all of the states decided to require BSN for minimum entry,all of the current AD nurses would remain RN's because of they would be "grandfathered" in.The debate of entry level RN has been in discussion since 68 and it was predicted that it would be required to have a BSN ten years ago but still hasn't happened ,although I feel it will because they are phasing out the opportunities that you have with an ASN degree. and as of now North Dakota is the only one that doesnt use AD nurses.
  7. by   JessmessRN
    I currently only have my associate's degree and have been working as a nurse for over 5 years. Today I was forewarned that by 2018 my employer will require all RN's to have a BSN and that ADN nurses would be given until that time to finish or give valid proof that you are working towards the degree. The nurse said that all ADN nurses would be notified so they could begin to pursue their BSN degrees or basically look for work elsewhere as we are a magnet hospital and so they want the hospital staff solely by BSN nurses.