Disfunctional RN's - page 2

I have to vent. In the last 18 mos. the HR dept. where I work has taken over final say on hiring people, ie: we are desperate. We have an experienced RN who has been with us for about 5 months.... Read More

  1. by   pkapple
    Wish I knew the answer....you can't shame a lazy person into doing a good job, can't help or guide a know-it-all with crappy skills or lack of compassion into doing a carring job. Then of course is the resentment--discussed ad nauseum in other threads esp. over pay. Let's face it if the most you can get is a 2% raise, and in order to get fired you need to commit a felony, what incentive does a burned out, tired out, discouraged nurse have?
    Let's see bust your butt, give excellent care, clean up everyone elses mess, do aqll the little extras, work any shift, fill in for short shifts--you get 50 cent raise; call sick, do minimal at best, piss and moan all day, leave half the work for the next shift, cause all kinds of family/patient problems and you get oooh 50 cents. Not to mention if these dolittles are complained about or get poor reviews they will be going to higher management or some outside agency and c/o of some type of injustice..it's not their fault, people are out to get them etc etc.
    Some folks are really dysfunctional-like the near med errors etc--these people need some serious documentation against them made and some helpful teaching by co-workers, others can't or won't be helped--management needs to wake up before a serious event occurs!