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This from the Orange County Register: Leah Tran had no idea what respite care was. Until a year ago, she didn't know she was entitled to have a nurse come into her home and, for a few hours a... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    This is a hard topic for me. I have a friend who kept her brain injured child home (the doc was playing golf and the injury was due to delay in birth...she won a huge suit) and she too spent huge amounts of time and energy on the boy...seizures, trach, tube feed, contrax...only to have him die at age 13. God Bless that family...she could not bear to put him in a home even though he was minimally responsive, and she hurt herself on him daily as he weighed more than her.

    I love her dearly and the child's demise finally allowed her husband, her the other children in the family to have a semi normal life for the first time (the disabled child was her oldest). My condolences to you Just1RN...my heart goes out to you.

    It is so hard to cut services when we know what life is like for these moms and families...and they so desperately need a break.

    (((HUGS))) to moms who keep their little ones with them even if it's so very, very hard.