differentials-need for specifics

  1. I want some imput regarding differentials as you currently experience them. Please give me your state of practice when you answer. Thanks....

    Statistics exist for the median salary of nurses nationwide and broken down into geographic region [see http://www.nursingworld.org/readroom...rpt.htm#titles ]
    What these statistics do not take into account is differential pay, and the portion within the mean per area that leans the median of that area left of right of true mean for the country as a whole.
    I'd like your responses on what is both assigned a differential, and how much those differentials are.
    --evening, night [how much?are they the same?]
    --charge [talk about a lot of bang for the buck-woefully underpaid at 1.75/hr at my facility]
    --weekend [not currently diffed at my facility]
    --BSN diff [recognized in some regions-varies from 250$-500$ yearly I believe]
    -- Masters Diff.
    --Certification diff
    --holidays [VERY varied in the industry. First, how MANY holidays are recognized. Do you get diff pay when you work them? Are you paid time and a half? Are you paid double time and 1/2 like in one nearby facility to mine? Are you paid time and 1/2 and get an additional dayoff in the schedule [more of less double time and 1/2 in a different form-this exists in NYC] some facilities recognize only 2-4 holidays.... If only 2-4 holidays are recognized, they are worked at just strait time and everyone always gets bumped to them because the hospital doesn't consider labor day a holiday, for instance.
    If 8 holidays are recognized, the diff, or the time and a half, or the double time 1/2, etc, is recognized for all 8.
    Can't think of any more diffs. Did i neglect another you have?
    THANKS all
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  3. by   pokey sn
    You may want to do a search in student nursing. They had a long thread about salary and differentials. Good luck!