differences between pct and lpn

  1. can anyone tell me what is the difference between a pct and a lpn.
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  3. by   LPN1974
    Well, in my experiences, and if a pct is same as a cna, then a pct's job description is taking care of residents/patients at the bedside, bathing, assisting with feeding, dressing, and other activities of daily living. They should be able to empty catheter bags, total intake and outputs, take vital signs, generally do things that assist nursing personnel, hence certified nursing assistant or patient care therapist. In my experience, they can also do some minor treatments such as nonprescription ointments or skin care creams. However, here in Arkansas, a state senator is trying to get a bill passed that aides can pass medications, after they've taken a medication course. {Which I strongly object to.}
    I'm sure there are other duties as well, that some cna's or pct's do in different areas of the country, but where I live this has been most of their job description.
    LPN's, are nurses, and work under the direction of an RN or doctor, they give medications, treatments, assess the patient, call the doctor, take orders, {and over the phone, in some areas not} implement those orders,
    in some areas of this state they may also start and maintain IV.s, I'm not sure about hanging blood. Alot of this depends on where the LPN is. I think that if a facility can train you, and they have policies saying you can do a certain thing, and you've been trained, then you can do it. I THINK that's the way it is in most places in AR. I'm sure someone will correct me, if Im wrong.
    I see you are a student nurse. Why do you ask?
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